Experience NYC Workplace

General Information

Experience NYC Workplace Study Program is a perfect way to apply your academic skills, and at the same time get hands-on business experience. This program accelerates your knowledge in a specific field of study – the perfect way to conduct research, and accelerate your career path.

Core Program

The Core of the Experience NYC Workplace Study Program is FortuneTimes Group’s NYC Study Placement Service. This Placement Service matches your academic skills and background with opportunities present in our local partner organizations and affiliates. Four outstanding tracks give you a range of academic application options from which to choose. You may enroll in more than one of the following tracks, each designed to meet your specific career development needs for professional growth.

  •  Core Track – Workplace Study Project Placement Service
  •   Optional Track 1 – Workplace Study Project Management
  •   Optional Track 2 – Workplace Study of English and Office Skills Program

Experience NYC Workplace Study Programs are intensive, and developmental in nature, lasting between 3 months to 1 year. Each program is designed to meet specific, individual needs. We first assesses your background, learn about your goals, and then match your needs and goals with a unique program design that best fits you. Admission into the program is year-round. FTG staff will recommend individual Workplace Study Project options in such areas as:

  • Business and Management
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Investment, Insurance & Risk Management
  • Media
  • Education

FortuneTimes Group requires students to articulate specific goals prior to acceptance, into this flexible program. All program placements are unpaid.

Admission Criteria

  • Current Student in Undergraduate College, or Graduate School, 21 years’ age and older
  • General career goal
  • English Proficiency – listening, speaking, reading, writing – IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, ibt
  • Computer literate

Benefits of the Program

By the end of the program, students will gain a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge as follows:

  • Accelerate your knowledge by conducting guided research in your field.
  • Add prestigious achievements to your resume, and advance your personal brand.
  • Learn project management by completing corporate assignments on Wall Street.
  • Enhance your business communication skills.
  • Interact with academic and industry leaders and practitioners.
  • Invest in yourself and demonstrate your capabilities to others.
  • Resume with work experience in New York.

Admissions Process

Upon receipt of your application, FTG staff begins to evaluate your potential for success. We determine whether your goals and time frame are realistic and attainable. Prior to acceptance into the program, FTG staff conducts personal interviews, examines your written statement of purpose, and evaluates your transcripts and other, pertinent documentation. Your application file must be complete, in order for us to complete our pre-program assessment. If we believe your goals and time frame are realistic, we will send you a formal letter of acceptance into the program.

If you are accepted, we begin together to prepare for you to join us in this exciting endeavor! Acceptance is not complete until we have received your program deposit. Once your deposit has been received, FTG staff begins to design and customize your Workplace Study placement, to meet your specific learning objectives.

First, we reach out and identify workplace study program partners whose backgrounds and areas of expertise match your learning needs. This step helps assure the quality of the program design for you. We decide upon a start date, and begin to make specific plans for your arrival.

Once your program begins, it will be your responsibility to maintain focus, discipline and regular attendance. FTG staff will monitor your progress on a daily and weekly basis, to assure that your learning objectives are being achieved. If mitigating circumstances such as illness, accident or a death in the family compromises your progress, we will suspend your program until such time as you can continue. If necessary, we can revisit the design of the program if your original expectations prove unattainable, and recalibrate the schedule to assure your success. Program recalibration requires additional program fees, to accommodate a different schedule.

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Course Details

Core Track – Workplace Study Project Placement Service

Participants will be placed at a NYC company, in a matching process that takes about three months to complete). Perfect your elevator pitch and accelerate your understanding of the job interview. Participants must select a minimum of 1 additional elective track to accompany this Core Track. Experience NYC Workplace Study Programs can last between 3 months to one year. Our international students are studying Strategic Management and Finance with us. Their programs of academic study learn to use such tools as Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, Access, for example, and complete academic projects involving the development of business plans, or the development of marketing plans.

Optional Track 1 – Workplace Study Project Management

Learn project-management, by completing a corporate assignment on Wall Street, or in a similar, dynamic commercial setting around the world. Enhance your resume. Demonstrate your ability to get results in real time. Prove your worth as a valuable, team player. Accelerate your expertise.

Optional Track 2 – Workplace English Study and Office Skills Program

Master English. Perfect your communication skills through intensive study. Individualized instruction, drill, practice, and frequent feedback will give you real fluency. Effectively use and apply the English language for business and commercial purposes. Converse with confidence. Use English to influence others, to build staff, to boost sales and to acquire channels of distribution. Our Faculty will also guide you in mastering the Office Skills software, so that you will develop competency and proficiency in Excel, MS Word and Power Point at the same time.

Learning Objectives
  • By the end of their Workplace Study Experiences, participants will demonstrate that they have:

    •   Accelerated their knowledge by conducting guided research in their chosen field. This knowledge will have been acquired through work with mentors, thought-leaders, authors, leading researchers in the field.
    •   Added prestigious achievements to their resumes, through project management, cross-functional collaboration and communication, the compilation of records or documentation, the application of knowledge within the workplace setting for regulatory or for compliance purposes, for example.
    •   Learned managerial skills by completing corporate assignments on Wall Street including planning and organizing, staffing, decision-making, developing financial controls, budgeting and project management.
    •   Enhanced their business communication skills by effectively working in a team setting, and will have applied communication skills to mission-critical organizational goals, in developing meeting agendas, conducting business meetings, coordinating communications regionally or globally.
    •   Interacted meaningfully with academic or industry leaders and practitioners, by developing approaches to solving industry-specific or academic research problems with regional or global implications.
    •   Invested in themselves and demonstrated their capabilities to others by effectively preparing themselves for future academic or business opportunities, e.g., strengthening their English language skills.
    •   Within 3 months, Workplace placement will allow students to prepare resume and confirm job position with a New York City Company.

Tuition, Fees, & Payment

Program Tuition:

Core Track – Experience NYC Workplace Study Placement Service:

Optional Track 1 – Workplace Project Management Cost:
Optional Track 2 – Workplace English Study and Office Skills Program Cost:
Registration Fee:
Total Registration Fee: $ 250
Payment Options

Credit Cards / Wire Transfer / Alipay

Payment Policy

Student’s enrollment and space in the program is confirmed only after payment has been received. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice from FTG. Payment can be made by credit card, Alipay, or electronic wire transfers. Student is responsible for any bank transaction fees.

Students are normally expected to register and provide full payment, 2 months before the start of program.  Late registration fee is $250.

Cancellation Policy

If FTG cancels a program for any reason, FTG will notify each student by e-mail or phone, of the cancellation and make rescheduling arrangements. If a class is not rescheduled, FTG will provide a full refund within 14 days.

FTG will not be responsible for any additional expenses such as refund for airline tickets, Visa fees, or any other cancellation fees.

Refund Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to: admissions@fortunetimesgroup.com.

Cancellation Fees apply, as follows.

Cancellations received 31 days prior to the first day of program will incur a fee of 50% of the registration cost, plus a $250 processing fee. No refund will be issued for cancellations received less than 30 days before the first day of the program.

FTG shall be excused from any delays or failures in performance, caused by reason of any occurrence or contingency beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of war, fire, insurrection, laws proclamations, edits, ordinances or regulations, strikes, lock-outs or other serious labor disputes, riots, earthquakes, floods, explosions or other acts of nature.

Students are entitled to a full refund if the student has received a refusal letter from the American Embassy. In cases where a student Visa application has been declined, all the tuition fees, except the non-refundable payment service fee (to cover any bank or credit card transaction fees), will be refunded to the student, upon receipt of photostatic copies of the rejection letter, along with an application for refund completed by the student, to FTG.

Rescheduling Policy

FTG cannot guarantee future placement for any student request for rescheduling. Rescheduling fees may apply.


We will provide referrals so that you may arrange for your accommodations.

Important Dates

We ask that you read the following information carefully before requesting Visa Application service. Please email the Admission Office if you have any questions at: admissions@fortunetimesgroup.com

Application Deadlines For Visa

We recommend that you request visa application services at least 60 days before the starting date of the program in which you wish to enroll. This lead time assures sufficient time for Visa application processing, and placement. We will consider completed applications received after the specified deadline as time permits and, if necessary, roll your application over to next entry period. Notification of Visa Application Status

Once your application has been completed we will be in contact with you. If any portion of your application needs further documentation, or clarification, we will notify you via e-mail. As soon as possible thereafter, you will be notified by the admissions office. Proviso: please do not interpret oral statements made in informal correspondence with anyone other than FTG to mean that you have been fully admitted. Only the FTG Admissions Office is the only office authorized to formally notify international students in writing of their acceptance to FortuneTimes Group.

Open Enrollment Program Schedule

Experience Workplace Study Program is an open enrollment program. Participants may register at any time during the calendar year.

Program placement usually takes between 30 and 90 days, once we receive your Application Form.

Four outstanding program tracks give you a range of options from which to choose. You may enroll in more than one of the  elective tracks (see Course Syllabus). Program lengths vary from 3 months to 1 year. We design a program that meets your specific needs.

Visa Application Deadline

We recommend that you request visa application services at least 60 days before the starting date of the program.

Program Payment Deadline

Student enrollment and space in the program is confirmed only after payment has been received. Payment in full must be paid prior to registration.