2017 Training and Services

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Corporate Training and Consulting Services Programs

Our Corporate Training and Consulting Services Programs permanently strengthen internal operations. Employees -- at all levels -- gain confidence, knowledge, technique and expertise. We develop your people to think boldly, act decisively and seize global opportunities effectively, in order to build value and support your brand, and achieve lasting competitive advantages.

Whether your interest lies in an industry competitive analysis, in specific career training and executive development, in listening to thought-leaders and visionaries, in technology transfer and integration, in establishing corporate presence, in marketing strategy or research, FortuneTimes Group offers timely and cost-effective solutions. We provide open-enrollment, and customized programs and deliverables.

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Accelerate your Academic growth!

Student Training and Consulting Services Programs

Our Student Training and Consulting Services Programs transform the lives of international, college-bound, and graduate students, alike. The sheer depth and breadth of our student training programs is breathtaking, but is only one aspect of their uniqueness. A real Wall Street Experience? We do that! Elite College Admissions and SAT/GRE/GMAT Test Preparation? We have that, too! New York City Workplace Study? Of course! Intensive English? Professional Networking? Cultural Immersion? Yes, yes, and yes! Strategic Management and Finance? Certainly!

Students from all academic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds come to The Academy of FortuneTimes Group to advance their careers, add to their credentials, enhance their potential, improve their competitiveness, and explore their varied career and life goals. We accelerate their personal and professional development by individualizing instruction. We challenge them to reach higher, overcome self-doubt, embrace technology and grow into the persons they were born to be! Join us for three months or a year – our staff of Ivy League and business professionals are eager to meet you!

Let FortuneTimes Group accelerate your growth!