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FortuneTimes Group Attends Kissinger and Albright Discussion at the US-China Sky Club
December 5, 2016

FortuneTimes Group CEO, Dr. Rachel Yager, was in attendance at a standing-room-only discussion hosted by the US- China Sky Club at…

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December 3, 2016

FTG CEO Dr. Rachel Yager Identifies Trump Administration Opportunities for Visiting Delegates from China “The keywords that will characterize the Trump…

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Columbia University – What Makes It Unique?
November 22, 2016

Columbia University – of course many undergraduate and graduate students know that it is an Ivy League institution. But most do not know that Columbia began its existence in a vestry room of the old Trinity Church, on Wall Street, in 1754, well before the American Revolutionary War. Founding Fathers and patriots such as Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Robert Livingston and Gouverneur Morris were among Columbia’s first graduates. One might well argue that without the values inculcated by Columbia, the American War of Independence might not have taken place!

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