Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Business Computing Lab Overview

Participants develop financial analysis technique in an application setting with Microsoft Excel. The training focuses on finance-centric methodology as each presentation of a financial procedure is followed by a discussion of how to use Excel to perform the procedure. Step-by-step instructions ensure understanding. Business examples and application exercises demonstrate how financial results provide insights into business decisions and problems.

Total:  16 sessions –  delivered online with instructor-led computer labs.

Two-hour Computer Lab Sessions:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  2. The Basic Financial Statements.
  3. Financial Statement Analysis Tools.
  4. The Cash Budget.
  5. Financial Forecasting.
  6. Forecasting Sales with Time Series Methods
  7. Break-Even and Leverage Analysis.
  8. The Time Value of Money.
  9. Common Stock Valuation.
  10. Bond Valuation.
  11. The Cost of Capital.
  12. Capital Budgeting.
  13. Risk and Capital Budgeting.
  14. Portfolio Statistics and Diversification.
  15. Writing User-Defined Functions with VBA.
  16. Analyzing Datasets with Tables and Pivot Tables.


At the end of the lab sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Use Excel to perform financial analysis


The instructor-led lab sessions can be delivered online or in the classroom.  The time frame to complete is 1 to 3 months.


  • No Microsoft Excel experience is required.

Who Should Attend?

Business owners, managers, and professionals with interest in using Microsoft Excel for financial and business analysis.

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Duration of Time: 1-3 months.
Takeaways: Techniques in business and financial analysis.
Start Dates: Anytime


Participants can perform business and financial analysis with Microsoft Excel.

Certificate and Certification:

Participants can earn a certificate of 30-CPE credits.

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