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Experience Ivy League

Experience Ivy League

THE IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, aimed at international high school students just like you, who want to prepare for an elite high school education in the United States and want to prepare for Ivy League College admissions, afterwards. Our morning Seminars and Workshops, conducted by a team of Ivy League college professors, graduates and business professionals help you understand American Culture and Society. This knowledge provides the framework within which you will succeed. Our afternoon tours bring you to Wall Street, to historic landmarks, to famous American Companies, and to meetings with Wall Street Professionals. These experiences broaden your understanding of American culture, giving you a competitive edge as an applicant! We bring you to such American Colleges and Universities as N.Y.U., Columbia, Princeton, Yale, M.I.T., Harvard. Ivy League college students and admission officers explain American College Admissions, how to apply, and how to gain acceptance.

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

Experience Ivy-League

Target Audiences: High School and College Students.
Duration of Time: 2 weeks.
Takeaways: Ivy League College experience, American Culture experience, Wall Street experience.
Start Dates: At any time.

Program Benefits

  • Receive hands-on preparation for college admissions.
  •  Enjoy a real Ivy League College experience.
  • Understand American Culture, firsthand on Wall Street.
  • Earn a Professional English Certificate with college credit.
  • Practice College study skills.
  • Cultivate American social etiquette.
  • Take English classes in the heart of New York’s Financial Center.
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