Entrepreneur New Venture Strategy Workshop

Entrepreneur New Venture Strategy Workshop


Workshop Overview

In this workshop, participants learn how to successfully launch and grow their own business. The workshop examines entrepreneurship through an easy, four-step process that clearly outlines both the excitement and difficulty of launching a new company. Careful to identify failures as well as successes, the workshop is a guide to starting a new business.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a strategy and process to launch and grow new business.

 Workshop Topical Focus

The workshop focuses on developing a custom strategy by cultivating the following competencies that are sets of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes for participants to be effective in a wide range of new venture management functions.

Entrepreneur New Venture Management:

  1. Entrepreneurship: Recognizing Opportunities and Generating Ideas
  2. Feasibility Analysis
  3. Developing an Effective Business Model
  4. Industry and Competitor Analysis
  5. Preparing the Proper Ethical and Legal Foundation, and Intellectual Property
  6. Assessing a New Venture’s Financial Strength and Viability
  7. Building a New-Venture Team
  8. Getting Financing or Funding
  9. Unique Marketing Issues
  10. Preparing for and Evaluating the Challenges of Growth

Workshop Delivery:

The 3- to 6-Day workshop can be conducted onsite at a conference room setting, or at the FTG facility on Wall Street.  Remote video conferencing is available.

Workshop Requirement and Prerequisites:

  • No technical or managerial background is required in the area of business management.
  • Pre-workshop consultation is available to develop custom workshop topic and domain expertise.

Who Should Attend?

Business owners, managers and professionals who are interested in developing strategy for new venture and business growth (domestic or international).

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

Entrepreneur New Venture Strategy Workshop

Target Audiences: Business owners, managers, and professionals
Duration of Time: 3- to 6-DayWorkshop + Follow up Consultations
Takeaways: Strategic Business Plan for New Venture
Start Dates: At any time.

Benefits of Strategy Workshop

The 3- to 6-Day workshop empowers business leaders, managers, and professionals to develop a strategic plan of action for launching the new business.  The workshop introduces the latest trends, skills, and best practice in the field of entrepreneurship and new venture management.

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