Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Program

6 – Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Program

Accelerated Certificate Course in Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence.  This unique program in New York City, the Business Capital of the World, is designed to fast track your journey to grab the hottest job of the century.

  • Accelerated Pace – 6 days (48 hours)
  • High Tech Infrastructure – Real World Deep Learning Servers
  • Hands-On Experience – Develop functioning, AI applications
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum – Artificial Neural Nets, Convolutional Neural Nets, Capsule Nets, Shallow Learning, Other advanced AI & DL topics
  • Eligibility – STEM Bachelors (or higher) with knowledge in Python or any other programming language
  • Cost – $2,999

Who Should Attend?
Current and aspiring Data Scientists looking to increase their value, learn bleeding-edge skills, and solve real-world problems with A.I. & Deep Learning. Though not required, it is recommended that participants hold at least a STEM Bachelor’s. Lab sessions will take place in Python, so knowledge of that or other programming languages (e.g. R, Java, C#=) is ideal.

Program Chair: Rachel L. Yager, Ph.D
Dr. Rachel Yager is the CEO and founder of FORTUNETIMES Group, Inc. (FTG), a New York-based professional development and consulting firm that focuses on accelerating individual and organizational understanding of the convergence of business, technologies and global best practices.  Dr. Yager’s management expertise spans both High Tech and Financial Services for Fortune 50 companies. She specializes in developing business strategies using emerging technologies in computational intelligence, knowledge engineering, decision and business analytics.

Program Mentor & Professor: Murthy Kolluru, Ph.D
Dr. Murthy holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon, started his career as a Rocket Scientist, and founded the #2 Data Science certificate program (INSOFE) in the world. In addition to being a globally recognized Data Science academician. He has over 2 decades of experience in Research, training and consulting for companies like Abercrombie, Deloitte, HP. Philips, Honeywell, D E Show & Co., Broadridge Financials, Dun & Bradstreet, Ford, Microsoft & many more.

This Certificate Course is brought to you by FTG and INSOFE. Leaders in AI and Data Science Education.

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

6 – Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Program

Target Audiences: College Students and Professionals
Duration of Time: 2 weeks, 6 Days
Takeaways: Get hands-on with the most disruptive innovations in Data Science, and enable yourself to solve an ever-evolving array of analytical problems!
Program Dates: April 12, 13, 14 – April 19, 20, 21

Program Benefits

  • Provides a technical, hands-on learning experience involving Deep Learning (Convolution, Recurrent, and Capsule Networks) and other advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Participants will learn to leverage such innovations in Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics/NLP, Pattern Recognition, Embedding, Feature Engineering, Time Series Analysis, and Computer Vision.
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