Curriculum Development & Distance Education QA

Curriculum Development & Distance Education QA

Consulting Overview:

FTG can assist educational institutions and universities to formulate a strategy to enhance your academic program competitiveness.

Using best in class standards, FTG provides online course review, design and development with the focus of continuous quality assurance from the start.

Consulting Process:

 FTG consultation process for online curriculum review, design and development is as follows.

 PHASE 1: Assess Course Learning Outcome

During this phase, FTG ensures that the academic institution has performed the due diligence in developing a strategy for effective student learning.

The FTG Consultant will review and develop the following:

  1. Course Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  2. Course Assessment and Measurement
  3. Course Overview

PHASE 2:  Develop Course Critical Components

With the focus of students achieving the stated learning objectives, FTG consultants will advise and review the following:

  1. Course Instructional Materials
  2. Course Activities and Student Engagement
  3. Course Technology

PHASE 3:  Implement Course Delivery Methods 

The delivery for online programs will be enhanced with course policy and student support.  FTG consultants will devise program delivery methods for the following:

  1. Course Introduction & Student Engagement
  2. Online Student Support
  3. Accessibility and Usability

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

Curriculum Development & Distance Education QA

Target Audiences: Educational Institutions, Company Training Department, College and Schools.
Duration of Time: 1 – 3 months.
Takeaways: Tailored program and curriculum, with course design and delivery that satisfy American education accreditation standards.
Start Dates: At any time.

Benefits of Consultation

The rapid development cycle for program curricula is performed with CQA (continuous quality assurance) methodology that ensures program delivery meeting accreditation standards.

Deliverables include plans and content for:

  1. Program, Curricula and Syllabi
  2. Course Learning Objectives
  3. Course Assessment and Measurement
  4. Course Overview
  5. Course Instructional Materials
  6. Course Activities and Student Engagement
  7. Course Technology
  8. Course Introduction & Student Engagement
  9. Online Student Support
  10. Accessibility and Usability
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