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College Admissions

College Admissions

Unlike the American Education system, many other educational systems focus upon the mastery of skills and rote learning, to the exclusion of individuality, creativity and innovation.

American colleges and universities, in contrast, prize these traits. Talented international applicants must demonstrate these capacities or their college applications will fail. Thousands of international applicants try to get in each year to elite Ivy League institutions – Harvard, M.I.T., the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and Brown – these schools are highly selective.

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

College Admissions

Target Audiences: International Students.
Duration of Time: TBD
Takeaways: Enhanced success for top-tier college admissions.
Start Dates: At any time.

Program Benefits

  • Readiness Assessment for Graduate Study
  • MBA Application Guidance and Packaging Assistance
  • Campus Interview Preparation
  • Successful Adjustment to Life on Campus

PROFESSIONAL ADVISEMENT guided by Ivy League alumni, we prepare parents and students to successfully navigate the complex college admission process. We transform student skills into constructive action.


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