International Strategic Management and Finance Seminar

International Strategic Management and Finance Seminar


Seminar Overview

Using a number of business case analysis, the seminar focuses on global strategy and financial management of successful initiatives taken by major companies.

Seminar Objectives

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Apply best practice for developing international business/finance strategy

Seminar Topical Focus

The seminar focuses on cultivating the following competencies that are sets of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes for participants to be effective in a wide range of strategic management and finance functions.

Strategic Management:

  1. Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness.
  2. The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Industry Competition, and Competitor Analysis.
  3. The Internal Organization: Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, and Competitive Advantages.
  4. Business-Level Strategy.
  5. Competitive Rivalry and Competitive Dynamics.
  6. Corporate-Level Strategy.
  7. Merger and Acquisition Strategies.
  8. International Strategy.
  9. Cooperative Strategy.
  10. Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Financial Management:

  1. The Cost of Capital.
  2. The Basics of Capital Budgeting: Evaluating Cash Flows.
  3. Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis.

Seminar Delivery:

The 7-Day seminar is confined on a Cruise setting that consists of Seminars and breakout discussions.

Seminar Requirement and Prerequisites:

  • No managerial or business experience is required.
  • Minimum 21 years of age.
  • Career interest in Global Business Finance Strategy

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with interest in developing global business/finance strategy but has no prior training or experience.

Enhanced opportunity for career and business success.

International Strategic Management and Finance Seminar

Target Audiences: Professionals interested to learn about the latest in strategic management and finance
Duration of Time: 7-day Seminar
Takeaways: Strategic Plan for developing management and financial skills in international business.
Start Dates: May and October

Seminar Benefit:

The seminar opens the door to a career path in international strategic management and finance. The 7-Day seminar provides a professional networking opportunity — at a cruise setting – for professionals to discuss the latest trends, skills, and best practice in the field of international business.

Certificate and Certification:

Participants can earn a certificate of 20-CPE credits.

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