Seeking Experiential Student Project Opportunities For Our International Students

FortuneTimes Group (FTG) seeks student project opportunities in a variety of corporate settings, for talented international students enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate Experience NYC Workplace Study Program, during 2017.

Project opportunities are unpaid, with varying durations. Projects are directly linked to students’ programs of study, for example, as part of Case Study Analysis, Operations Research, Business Strategy, Marketing Analysis.

Who We Are

FTG is a trusted provider of international education programs and services, located in the heart of the financial district of New York City. We are an official campus for ISG University, a Paris-based international group of undergraduate and graduate schools and professional programs.

Our Experience NYC Workplace Study Programs combine intensive classroom instruction in Business Strategy and Financial Management with real, hands-on project experience. Our undergraduate and graduate students are interested in seeing firsthand how business operations are conducted here, in the United States.

FTG will match a qualified and motivated student, to complete a project in, for example, New Product Development, Order Fulfillment, Human Resources, Regulatory Affairs and/or Customer Service.

Our Three-Step Placement Process

  1. We meet with you to explain how our program works.
  2. We recommend students for you to consider.
  3. We monitor their progress on projects.

Throughout this process, we monitor students’ progress. Student projects are viewed as a form of experiential education, that allows students to apply what they have learned to real work situations, and build upon their skills. FTG’s Experience NYC Workplace Study Program is part of a larger curriculum, where student projects are related to the students’ programs of study, or long-term career preparations.

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