ISG University/FortuneTimes Group

Experience Wall Street

Strategic Management and Finance Summer Study Program

July 10th –  August 18th 2017

FortuneTimes Group has opened enrollment for the “Experience Wall Street” Strategic Management and Finance Summer Study Program, for 2017.  Designed for international students from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, participants attend intensive graduate courses in Strategy and Finance during the morning hours, Mondays through Thursdays. Afternoons are devoted to cultural immersion, professional networking activities, interviewing practice, resume enhancement and career development discussions. “The Summer Study Program enriches students, by giving them the latest in managerial thinking and financial techniques — and helps them build their professional networks, and resumes,” said Dr. Rachel Yager, CEO of FortuneTimes Group, and an honorary ISG faculty member. “We accelerate professional growth through this intensive program,” Dr. Yager asserted. “In only six weeks, students become immersed in American culture and learn how business is successfully conducted in the United States. We use the case study method to encourage successful team collaboration — our students truly love that feature. Professional networking opportunities on Wall Street, along with our intensive interviewing workshops skills, and cultural immersion activities, make this Wall Street Experience worthwhile!” FortuneTimes Group, Inc., (FTG), accelerates client growth in a global setting, at the convergence of business, technologies and global best practice, and offers services in the areas of business development, professional development, accreditation readiness and college admission readiness.