About Us

We accelerate your growth in a global setting.


Founded by business and academic leaders, FTG helps our clients apply state-of-the-art business techniques, emerging technologies and global best practices to accelerate their individual and organizational growth.

Innovation and best practices drive major markets around the world. Based in the financial district of New York, FortuneTimes Group (FTG) accelerates individual and organizational understanding of the convergence of business, technologies and global best practice. We partner with international organizations large and small to identify opportunities to launch new products, penetrate markets, strengthen internal operations, enhance branding, increase revenues and confer lasting competitive advantages.

Our Approach: FTG works with Ivy-League faculty and Wall Street executives in a multi-national setting, to deliver unique symposia, seminars and interactive professional development training courses. Tapping into the rich business leadership culture of New York City, FTG programs showcase thought-leaders, authors and innovators. Participants measure the outcomes of FTG programs by the rate and speed through which they implement and incorporate new understandings and expertise.
Dr. Rachel Yager

Founder of FortuneTimes Group, Inc. (FTG).